THE Captain's Log #1 - Demo

Hello, this is me, the captain. Today we set sail (again) in this vast sea. Why again you ask? Well, let me get comfy and I'll explain.

I made a new account since I needed to "rebrand" (TM) this game (and others after this one gets done) in preparation for the future. My other account is still gonna be used, but it has too much clutter from jams and other junk, so I decided to keep fun-sized experiments separated from more serious, actually finished projects. If you want to see them, is the name of the game.

Anyway! We (me) have lots of plans for the following days. We'll be releasing on Steam, ETA June. There is mostly promotional work to be done.

About the current state of the project. Right now, what you get from the download here is everything what's currently done. It includes around 2-4 hours of gameplay depending on the player. It's all the introductory stages. This is what will appear on Steam later this year, as Early Access. The full project is comprised of 5 development stages, all of which are based on how far the story has been developed within the game (a.k.a. it's already written but getting it into the game takes time). Currently, stage 1 is completed.

Now, the game is going to be Paid. I want to make sure that anyone getting this demo knows, because I value honesty and clearance. Price will vary incrementally along with the current game status. People buying the first version will get the updates free. It's the only way I can conceive the Early Access model in my mind.

And that's pretty much it for now! Hope to see you around later! Thanks for reading.

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