Drekirökr is ready (but still in development)

Hello everyone! This is the first public release and whatever of Drekirökr. It's not really the first time, since I decided to reorganize things in a different account. And do some preparations, because I'll be releasing the game on Steam, and... yeah.

So first things first. What is this game?

Drekirökr is an RPG game for Windows, and it's in development. This is basically an early access version. Right now the game has been in development for a couple years, maybe since... I don't know, 2012? And there's still more to do, around 3 to 5 years, depending on how life goes. I work for companies, I can't afford just developing the game, so it sometimes depends a bit, however I use pretty much every chance I have to work in the game.

Check the "coming soon" page in Steam!

Join us!

Now, what to expect from this version? The current state of the game is around 20%. This is a VERY rough estimate, and it's based on the parts of the game that are finished. The game is comprised of 5 chapters of story, and the first one, the introduction, is what's done. There's a lot left, however the base of the game is pretty solid already. There are some mechanics to polish or even implement, but as far as the battle system and story progression mechanics, that's solid. As far as I know.

I hope you break my game and let me know about it! "orz

Thanks for reading, and see you later!


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Version 14 May 21, 2020

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