THE Captain's Log #3 - Wacky effectz!

Hi! New version today!

This version is pretty minor, as it covers just some details and stuff. It's more a polish kind of update than anything. And these last weeks I've been slightly busy with work (I still try and push development forward every spare time I have).

One of the things is adding some extra details to towns, like smoke particles at the chimneys of Fierro.

Wonder what are they cooking?

There are still more details missing at other towns, but it's getting there. The kind of details have more to do with making them feel more lively, adding more NPCs walking and stuff like that. Right now most of towns feel a bit lonely.

There has been some details added to scenes, overall the story is the same, but it's got more polish. I'm still working on that. But at least for the introductory scenes I think they feel much nicer.

Finally, there has been some work in the engine level. Implemented a couple of things that I left missing for sprites, screenshots are now stored as PNG instead of BMP (it was 1-2 lines of code), also added an extra sound channel just for ambience sounds, it's meant to be used by weather. Now maps can feature both a weather ambience sound, and their corresponding ambient sound (lava, sea waves, etc). By default RPG Maker limits that to just one background sound channel and one music channel. So yeah, I added an extra one, because I can.

And that's it for now. Hope you enjoy the game! Cheers! Back to work.

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Version 19 Jul 13, 2020

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